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Flying High Award
Karen Schlatter 
 At the March 2015 General Meeting I had the honor of presenting Karen Schlatter with MBN’s Flying High Award.  You know her as a kind, generous, welcoming woman who makes you feel as if you have known her for years, even if you just met her.  Since I met her three years ago, she has warmed her way into most of my circles and welcomed me into her own with her "come one, come all" attitude.  She’s always the first person to reach out and offer help.

Karen is known for sending random cards that let you know she cares.  Last year when I hurt myself, she chauffeured me to multiple stores for shopping, and then carried everything into my house. These might seem like small things, but they are things she does for others on a regular basis to make people feel truly loved.
She married Dave in July of 2013.  She says, "Dave is a wonderful man that supports me unconditionally."  I can't remember the wording of his beautiful vows to her; but his feelings are mutual. She added "sister-in-law" Amy to her family which is a large part of why they moved to Missoula and joined MBN.

Karen went to University of Missouri to be near her grandparents since they along with her brother were her best friends.They taught her respect, hard work, and to not take anything for granted. Community service was extremely important to them and they passed that on to her.  Unfortunately, her grandfather and brother passed away while she was living in Alaska.  She met grandpa Larry (GPAL) at her job in Alaska.  He was around laughing and helping out around the company. He was thoughtful and fun to chat with and well-educated–a man of many talents.  She’s curious by nature so had many questions, to which he had answers. She asked Larry to be her adoptive Grandpa. He accepted her request, and the package deal came with Grandma Connie (GMAC). They took it seriously and have been wonderful grandparents!    

Karen volunteers at YWCA monthly dinners and she's served as a YWCA table captain. She, was MBN Sponsorship Co-Chair two years ago, and also serves the Missoula Aging Service "Meals on Wheels," and is serving as a UM Staff Ambassador. She’s volunteered for Big Sky Film Festival, Arthritis Jingle Bell run, and as Rotaract President and Event Chair.

Karen's random work life has included: Nannying a Welsh family of nine, running a hostel near the Great Barrier Reef, dressing as a Bavarian barmaid at a festival to sell food she couldn't pronounce, and when she moved to Alaska, it was for "a summer whale-watching job."  Last year she joined the University's Montana Event Services. Her employer Shannon said, "She’s been an outstanding addition to Montana Event Services, actively working hard to become a trusted expert in planning events on campus.She genuinely cares about our clients’ success, especially students who need extra guidance and advice."
Congratulations Karen!
~Nominated by Deirdre Flaherty, a former Flying High Award Winner.