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February 2014

Joanne McCormick headshot photoThe Flying High Hall of Fame celebrates the extraordinary women who have made significant contributions to the Missoula Businesswomen's Network and society. Each woman has helped raise the standards and level of professionalism in business, while inspiring and mentoring future generations, laying the groundwork that encourages us all to strive for excellence.

Joanne McCormack is an attorney who spends her professional time helping people plan for death and disability by writing wills, trusts and powers of attorney.  She loves to use her creativity to set up and advise small businesses, write and review contracts, and assist clients with real estate matters. 
Joanne has a service mentality and her first job in middle school was cleaning house for her elderly neighbors.  She waited tables through high school and college, served teenagers as a Youth Director for a Catholic church, and then became an attorney. 
A few little known facts about Joanne--she graduated as high school valedictorian and got all As through college and law school with only one B she can remember! 
Joanne grew up as the second oldest of seven children and married Colin (her “better half since 1986”) who is the eighth child in a family of ten.  Yes, she can remember all the names of the 40+ nieces and nephews but no, not their birthdays! 
After growing up in the Chicago area, Joanne spent 15 years in a small town in Wisconsin (where she owned her own law firm for 8 years). While there, Joanne helped sponsor a monthly social gathering for senior citizens to get out and see the latest movies for free and spent time serving on the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.  She and her husband rehabbed a 100-year-old home, put up an office building and a new home, and ran two antique stores, while also holding full time jobs. The hiking was good in Wisconsin despite the mosquitoes and humidity. 
In 2009, Joanne’s long-time dream of living in Montana came true and she vows she will never again live in a home without a view of the mountains. (Thanks to realtor and MBN-member Katy McKinnon for finding the perfect house)!  Joanne loves to hike and ski but admits to being the worst skier in Montana—be sure to ask her how this connected her with a great legal intern to work at her new law office which she opened in July of 2013.
Joanne is most proud of her three children (16-year-old twins and a 9-year-old): Rosie the Montana state champ in the geography bee, C.J. who bravely faces the challenges of autism each day and loves to tell jokes, and Aidan who is the king of magic tricks and origami creations.  As a working mother with little free time to socialize, Joanne loves MBN for the professional connections and for the personal friends she has made.  She tries to support other working moms to find work-life balance, while still trying to find her own after 20 years as an attorney!  

Bridget McMillion nominated Joanne.