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April 2011

Michelle AllenWife, mother, girlfriend, leader, bean counter, council woman, chair, treasurer, chef, runner, mentor, soccer player, adviser, supporter, best friend, chick, and hostess. These are just some of the roles our newest Flying High Award winner has filled in her lifetime. I am sure that among these titles, each of you can find at least one that you relate to. This is one of my favorite aspects of MBN. We have such a wonderful diverse group of women. I find that as I age, and my life changes, there is always someone out there that I can relate to and learn from. Our latest Flying High Award recipient, Michelle Allen, embodies many attributes that we all can look up to. I know that most of you who were here last month have already heard a lot about Michelle … so let me share with you why our awards committee unanimous chose her.

As someone who has yet to have children, I look up to her as a mother. I know she is very dedicated and proud of her family. I love to hear her talk about her boys, and see her with them. I am thankful to have her as a friend, because someday when I have children, I know I can go to her for advice. One of her co-nominators, Connie Slagle, said this of her, “She is proud of her two sons and active in their school.  I have heard her speak of Christian values to them. She doesn’t just speak it, she lives it.”

We can all look up to Michelle as a leader, both in MBN and out in the community. In our community she has volunteered and supported Chicks N Chaps, Lolo School, Missoula YWCA, MBIA Christmas Charity, Missoula Chamber Business referral, and Lolo Community Council. In MBN she does one of the largest volunteer jobs available, she has been the treasurer since 2008. Most of her hard work is done behind the scenes so I am going to toot her horn for her. When a membership lapses, or a member is unable to renew, she is the one who gets members back into the system. She checks our mail weekly, pays all of our bills, helps put together our budget, and serves on all committees where money is concerned.  I have been the treasurer for smaller groups with 20-30 members; it was a lot of work. I cannot imagine how much work Michelle does for MBN, a group of almost 400, whose membership goes up yearly.

Aside from her job as treasurer, Michelle helps out every year with our Symposium.  Her company is also a Symposium Sponsor, largely because of Michelle. This year she mentored at the Queen of Anything. She has served as a co-chair for the Business Skills Sub-Network. She is currently chairing the MBN Scholarship Committee for business classes and helping put together the Anniversary Party and Dinner for MBN’s 25th anniversary. She is also currently on the MBN awards committee.

Michelle is someone everyone on the board can count on. When she says she will do it, she does. She comes to almost all MBN functions, meetings, socials, and retreats, and we are all so happy she does--because with Michelle there is always a good time. She is a good friend. She has never told me no when I have asked for her help. I get the feeling she is the same with most of her other friends and acquaintances.  As her other co-nominator, Frankie Flaherty put it, “She is always positive and happy to help out, even if it means extra work on her part. She exemplifies MBN’s mission of ‘Women helping Women.’”

She is Michelle Allen: wife, mother, girlfriend, leader, volunteer, soccer player, best friend, and chick!