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April 2010

Kim Kinsinger Headshot PhotoI want to thank the MBN for this award, and Lois McElravy for the nomination. I also want to thank God for the talents and abilities He has given me to do what I am doing. I am very honored and humbled when I look at the past recipients. When Lois called and talked with me about what she had given the committee, and the reasons for her nomination, I really had to take a hard look at myself, and some of the battles I have had to face and still confront daily. We all have our own unique struggles that we must overcome; personality traits, fears, physical impairments, set backs--the list goes on. The one thing we all have in common is how we grow personally and professionally by each hurdle we overcome.

Shyness has been a constant my whole life. I look back, and I can see that my passion for art and athletics helped me cope with my fears. I can look back and see how athletics helped me push myself beyond what I thought possible. I learned to set goals and reach for them. It is powerful when you attain that goal you have set for yourself. The rewards are great, and the confidence you create is unmatchable.

I have been very fortunate to have people in my life that have encouraged me to reach for my dreams: family, my husband Sam, and friends. Sam encouraged me to take the step to go out on my own in business in 2002. My vision at the time was to be able to bring a second income to the family. My second income turned into the sole income for our family when Sam joined me in 2005 after shutting down his construction business. We changed the name from K Design to K Design Marketing and added promotional products and logoed apparel. At that time Sam became the public face of our business: networking, making calls, and growing our client list.

Networking has played a huge part in our business growth. Shortly after I started the business in 2002, I joined networking groups to get my name out. I cannot say enough about how effective networking can be for your business.

Sam joining the business added new hurdles that we have to overcome. Working with a spouse has its unique challenges, separating business from our personal life, just to name one. It has been an adjustment to let go and accept new suggestions and options. Creativity can be personal and having Sam express his ideas was difficult for me. I had to let go and listen to his ideas and admit they were some times actually better than mine. I still struggle with it today, but know that when we work as a team our creativity grows.

Don’t let your obstacles stop you from achieving your goals and dreams, or be too afraid to take the leap.

Thank you so much for this honor.