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September 2009

Kinzie KinzelKinzie Kinzel joined MBN in 2005, just after receiving a degree in Resource Conservation from the College of Forestry and Conservation at UM.  At that time she was working on a temporary basis for the Forest Service, along with holding a part-time job at Starbucks, and selling Cookie Lee Jewelry.  In the past four years, Kinzie’s life has changed tremendously.


Kinzie and Jason have been married for three years. He was her sweetheart for six years before they tied the knot. Kinzie says that, although frustrating at times, her marriage has been a “boon” for her during hard times. She says that she has learned so much from Jason about kindness and respect that she could never truly repay him. She adopted her dog, Brandi, from the Missoula Humane Society almost four years ago. Brandi has been a constant joy and a good teacher of patience and love for others. 

All of her siblings, two little brothers and one big sister, have moved out of state. They are all very successful in their new surroundings, and they sometimes chide her for staying in Montana.  But she says that you couldn’t get her to move away from Montana if her life depended on it. Leaving her home state is one change she doesn’t want to consider when contemplating her future. 

Speaking of the future, she expects to graduate from Modern Beauty School in May of 2010.  She is truly excited about being her own boss and shaping her own opportunities.  She is encouraged by all of her friends who have already come to the school to see her for haircuts, colors, manicures, and pedicures. She plans to rent a booth from her mother at Changes Salon and Day Spa.

Kinzie’s mom, Kelly, has owned Changes for about 13 years now.  In Kinzie’s words, here are some of the ways her mom has influenced her.  “As long as I’ve been interested in asking, 'What do you do all day, Mommy?' my mom has been a business owner.  She always told me that I can do whatever I want to do. Her only stipulation was for me to go to college.  More than telling me, she’s shown me the truth of it for herself. I’ve never seen an obstacle stop her from proceeding down her chosen path. She may have been detoured occasionally--haven’t we all?--but never stopped.”

Kinzie has changed her path several times since joining MBN.  She is a fully-licensed insurance agent, and she sold Farmers Insurance for Linda Faulkner Insurance. She sold  Arbonne, then Avon products. She is still a life and health insurance agent. She is working part-time jobs until she finishes beauty school. 

Kinzie says, “Everywhere I go and everything I do, I am constantly learning from people. The joy I’ve found in my life has resulted from the variety in my life. Whenever I find myself stagnant and unhappy, I change my situation so I can continue to grow. I will be forever grateful to MBN and its members for so many things. Not least among them are the relationships I’ve made with other women here in Missoula. I know I will continue to receive support from MBN members on my new adventure.”