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September 2008


Linda KavashanIn 1994 our Flying High Award winner was chatting with a friend who was complaining about having to hire employees and not sure how to go about it, when the award-winner said, “WHAT YOU NEED LADY JANE IS LUNCH AT MBN and you can come as my guest on Wednesday, as a matter of fact you can introduce me, because I just won an award for my job and I get to talk about it.”


And a career MBN’er was born.  Well actually she was born in Butte, but you'll have to get her to tell you that story.  What she discovered were 40 other working women all trying to find their  “place” in the business world and wanting to talk about it to someone who understood the meaning of business owner, HR director, Janitor, Working Mom, Working Woman, just plain ole Mom, Homemaker, Chauffeur and Lover all rolled into one person. And despite what she will tell you about being speechless, we all know that is not possible, because she was on the board for MBN within months after joining MBN.  And she stayed on that board for 10 years and has served as President of MBN.


Higher education made her a BOBCAT and marriage brought her to GRZ country.  On “regular” football days you may find her in a griz shirt, BUT NEVER EVER EVER will you find her in maroon on CAT Griz daze.  For 16 yrs, she faced down all the bad jokes, all the derisive comments, and then one glorious day she got to call her brother-in-law, the griz graduate, and giggle.  However, when her sister answered the phone she informed our forever Bobcat, “He can’t take your call. He is in shock.”  To this day she contemplates building an altar to Travis Lulay.


The beauty of Missoula claimed her heart 40 years ago, the wonderful fantastic people she has met in those 40 years claimed her soul, and when she returns from a trip she is awed by the magnificence of people and place and can be heard clicking her heels saying, "There’ s no place like home."