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November 2009

DeDe Adams Headshot PhotoDeDe Adams was born and raised in a small farming community in northern North Dakota. Her inherent values in helping others were a natural part of life in a community of this nature. She also had to rely on herself and her friends to create what was needed for play as a little girl, things like fudge-sickle mud pies and neighborhood hide-and-seek. Home-made gifts were the norm. After completing high school, she went on to college in Fargo, ND and Moorhead, MN, where she completed a degree in Elementary Education.
Marriage and three beautiful daughters soon followed, as well as teaching and a master’s degree in education. Life brought her to Billings, MT for the next 20 years where she raised her family and became deeply involved in the community and her daughters' lives. After realizing that major changes needed to take place in her life in order to support her family with the values that she carried deeply, and for her to grow personally, she left her marriage and career and started a new home-based business, called Montana Basket Bistro, in the Bitterroot Valley, where she currently serves other businesses with the help of Montana gourmet foods. She is very active with the Hamilton Soroptimists in promoting the health and wellness of women and children, as well as the Bitterroot Valley Chamber of Commerce.
The Bitterroot Valley Chamber of Commerce (BVCC) "Leads" (referral) group became a primary source for developing not only a word-of-mouth place to inform others about her new business, but to gain insight as to how other businesses operated. Not long after joining the BVCC, DeDe was introduced to the world of MBN. Active MBN women have noticed a dramatic change since DeDe joined the group (about a year ago) in that she has ‘blossomed” into a passionate businesswoman. This is entirely true, as she has found MBN to not only be a place to network with other women, but a source of sincere friendships that have helped her tremendously in developing her leadership skills with confidence and grace.
She currently is serving her second term on the MBN Synergy Board as the chairwoman of the MBN Bitterroot referral group, now called Bitterroot Connections, and actively participates and promotes the MBN Symposium, retreats, general meetings, and sub-networks. She is also very passionate about using the print and web directories when selecting services for herself and others. MBN has truly been a shining and GUIDING light for this woman!