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December 2008


Beth Dietter Headshot PhotoBeth was born in Dayton, Ohio. At the age of two, along with her mom and three-year-old sister, Vicke, she moved to Venice, California.  “I remember as a young girl the joy my sister and I had going to Pacific Ocean Park on the Santa Monica Pier.  Riding the carousel and peering through the aquarium porthole was the highlight of our summers.”

As a young adult, Beth volunteered at the City of Hope, working with terminally ill patients.“I felt the call to become a nurse, but after enrolling in a nursing program, I discovered I made an excellent Candy Striper but not so much a nurse!”

She worked for various companies through a temporary agency. “One of the best jobs I had was working for Sunkist. I would inspect the fruit as it was unloaded from the carrier ship and stacked on the docks. It was a very enjoyable job since the weather was generally in the mid 70s and I LOVED being near the ocean!”

Today the joys of Beth’s life are her four adult children, Michael, Erin, Brandon and Lacey, as well as two beautiful grandchildren, Hailey and Donald Jr. (also know as Bubba).

Beth would like to share this award with her awesome husband and business partner, Craig. “Our sons actually introduced us at “back to school” night 20 years ago last September. We were both single parents each with a son and a daughter. We were soon dating with our four children in the back seat giggling whenever we showed affection toward one another. Craig is a great partner and I feel truly blessed that our paths crossed, especially when I look back on what an incredible journey it has been!”

In 1990, Beth and Craig were married on Flathead Lake in Big Arm, Montana with all four children and other family members in the wedding. In 1997 they built a house and settled in Missoula to raise their children, surrounded by grandparents and extended family members.

In 2005 they opened their first business, a Quiznos Sub franchise on North Reserve Street in Missoula. In 2008 they opened two more franchises and purchased three existing ones. Craig handles daily operations while Beth keeps up with payroll and financial reporting responsibilities. “One store was a piece of cake compared to six!”

“It has been challenging as well as rewarding working with today’s young people.  So many just need guidance and someone to care about them. It warms my heart to see the role model my husband has become. One young man had a bike that kept losing its chain, which caused a couple of falls on his way to work. Craig went out and bought him a new bike because he was concerned about his safety. He is a wonderful employer who is respected by our employees. You may see him around town making deliveries. He’s always ready to help wherever help is needed!”

Introduced to MBN by Lynn Talerico, Beth became a member right before MBN’s first Symposium in 2006.“I love this group of women and look forward to each gathering. A special thank you to my mentor and friend, Ms. Shawn Gray, for nominating me for this award!”

“I am truly humbled and honored to join the Flying High Hall of Fame!”