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January 2009


Christine JohnsonChristine Johnson earned special accolades from last year's MBN President, Frankie Flaherty, for being “The Board Sweetheart.”  Frankie went on to say, "Christine is the one to organize gifts for board members who have had a baby, or send a card for a death in the family.  She brought flowers or special treats to the board on many occasions.  She is a very special person."


Christine has excelled in personal and professional growth, contribution to the community and contribution to MBN. In addition to her "day job," she and her husband own their own business.  They manufacture two types of fire starters and also an environmentally-friendly ice-melt product, made from salt.  She is also the business development manager at her husband's family business.She is the program director for HOBY (Hugh O'Brien leadership program for HS sophomores across the state), she has helped UM with functions and event planning, and she is a member of the Mt. Gaelic Cultural Society, for which she is in charge of photography for  their annual Irish festival in Butte (can you tell she's Irish :-).


She volunteers at the YWCA for monthly dinners and also delivers food for the Food Bank ROOTs program. She is on the Control Board for her Home Owner’s Association. She plays in a couple different leagues for volleyball, and she plans to run the Missoula Marathon this summer.


Christine is the Symposium Chair of Vendor Tables, and on the Sponsorship Committee.  She serves as advertising chair for the Synergy Board for the second year. She has been a member since 2006.  Last year she helped with hospitality and sponsorship for the Symposium. 

When asked to contribute some information about herself, Christine said "My dad was a teacher, and he died when I was 13.  My mom was a nurse, and is now retired. I didn't get along with my mom until I was a senior in high school – I was daddy’s little girl, and now we are best friends. My parents are both VERY Irish, so I was instilled with my good Irish and Butte roots. My dad was very social and well-known, and my mom is quiet and reserved, but when she speaks, we all listen. I was raised with a dry sense of humor and respect for everyone.

I am the baby of nine children–-four older brothers and four older sisters, but there is at least 11 years' difference in our ages, so it was like having four extra sets of parents.  My sisters are Cathleen, Laureen, Colleen, and Maureen. I was nameless for a couple days while they tried to figure out an “een” name for me. My siblings thought of Gasoline, Chlorine, Fluorine, but my mom decided on Christine (thank goodness.)"