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May 2008


Beth Price HeadshotBeth Price has been an active member of MBN for six years and has served on the board for four. She has been involved in several special MBN projects designed to improve our communications with our members, including updating our logo and redesign of the MBN brochure. She also served on a committee that researched our current status regarding technology and resources and suggested ways to update our website. She has said that one of her favorite things about MBN is meeting new women at every MBN event.

She grew up in Missoula and graduated from the University of Montana with a degree in business. She lived several years in Japan teaching English and spent her time there traveling and having adventures including:


  • A visit to Korea over Christmas break where she and a friend couldn’t find their hostel so they stopped at a police station where the local police loaded her and her girlfriend in a police car, turned on the siren, and drove them around Seoul.
  • An expedition on a navy base in the town where she taught. Shewent out into the Pacific Ocean on an aircraft carrier and watched an F16 air show as they flew on and off the carrier. She hung out with the pilots and said it was just like being in the movie, Top Gun.
  • Snorkeling in Saipan wiht a stop in Thailand where she listened to the monks chanting.


She has also traveled through Europe and saw the entire royal family (including Lady Di) in London by complete accident.

After her adventures in Europe and Asia, she returned the to the U.S. and moved to Fort Collins, CO where she got her Masters Degree in Human Resource Development from Colorado State University, where she met her future husband. She went on to work in banking for six years.
She moved back to Missoula in 2001, and in the last 1.5 years got married and had a baby. She says that she has wanted a baby her whole life and has known since she was five years old that she was meant to be a parent.  She has the best husband and baby she could ever imagine.


She states that she loves to travel and has been to Europe five times and has visited 35 different countries. She loves dogs, investing money, and eats chocolate every day. She has been a cashier, teacher, public relations coordinator, marketing director, and business manager.