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February 2007


Sharon Hamilton Headshot PhotoSharon Hamilton overcame many challenges as a young woman. She put herself through college as a single mother of a young daughter and was able to obtain an MBA. As quoted by one of our members, “She is smart and compassionate; to call her brilliant would be a gross understatement.  At first when you first meet her, you think she’s direct, candid and to the point. She sets her eye on a goal and simply forges ahead, doing what needs to be done to achieve it. When you get to know her, you learn that she has a heart as big as Montana, and that she’s the most generous, caring and forgiving person in the world.”


Her career path began with her first full time position in 1960 as a surgical assistant to an oral surgeon. In 1965 she moved into sales for a few years and then began sewing in a Vanity Fair Factory. The interesting part of this was that within six months she was managing the training department of the factory.

For the next 25 years she made a wonderful career in the banking business—some of the very impressive titles that she held during that tenure were:


  • First Female Manager
  • First Female Commercial Lender
  • First Female Credit Administrator
  • Third Female Vice President
  • Second Female Executive Vice President
  • First Regional Manager responsible for 68 branches

Her personal life paralleled her professional life by looking at challenges head on and overcoming them.  She is a “self-made” woman.  She helped many along her path, and she lifted people up. I know from personal experience she challenged them to be the best they could be.

Now she runs her own new business, River Run Weaving.