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2011 Businesswoman of the Year

Anne Jablonski Headshot PhotoI am proud to announce that this year’s 2011 Businesswoman of the Year is Anne Jablonski. I think her nominators said it best when they said, “We honestly believe that MBN and the Women’s Symposium have achieved such a high level of professionalism due in part to the many hours Anne has given to them. Her experience from each year to the next has helped to elevate MBN and the Symposium to where they are today.”

With Anne it is not all about the wonderful things she does. (And she does plenty of wonderful things!)  It is about the way she makes people feel. It is about the kindness and respect she gives everyone she comes in contact with both in and out of her profession. I saw the reflection of how she has made people feel at our awards committee meeting. The committee members were glowing with praise of her. The usual meeting protocol for the awards committee is to review the nomination that has been submitted to us, and then go around the table adding our own two cents of what we know of the nominee’s contribution to MBN, and the community.  When we got to Anne, I thought the committee was going to be there all night!  Anne has a generous heart.Some of her generosity is in her acts that cannot be listed on a resume.  She is a true friend, to many who come to her for help, sound advice and support. She is an artist. She is a business woman. And above all, she is a daughter, wife, and mother.

Anne feels very fortunate to live in Missoula and tries to take advantage of it's many diversified activities as often as possible. Visiting restaurants, microbreweries, small shops, attending music, and lectures and art events are among her list of fun things to do. But walking on the nearby trails with her husband and dogs may be her absolute favorite.

Her love of Missoula is also expressed in the many charities and organizations she participates in. Over the years she has participated in Missoula Community Committee for Parks and Trails; she is an alumnus of Leadership Missoula, Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, International Chorale Festival, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, and the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. Currently, she volunteers with her daughter and others at the Missoula YWCA making dinners for the Tuesday night groups.

She also loves creating art. She has been a member of the Missoula Calligraphy Guild since the early 1990s and combines calligraphy with sketching and watercolors. She is accomplished in matting and framing artwork and enjoys putting together the whole picture for her clients. She is a member of Big Sky Scribes as well.

Her other community involvement brings us into the next category, Outstanding Personal and Business Leader.  As a realtor, Anne specializes in Missoula area Residential and Commercial properties. Her association with Windermere Real Estate provides her with direct networking access to over 7,000 other agents throughout the west and northwest.  She loves helping families and individuals find their dream properties.

As a realtor, she is an outstanding business leader, giving back to Missoula through her work with many organizations. She is currently the chair of the Knowledge Services Committee of MOR (Missoula Organization of Realtors), a committee she has been on for years.  She is a member of MAR (Montana Association of Realtors), NAR (National Association of Realtors), Missoula Building Industry Association, Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce, and is a certified E-Pro (real estate technology) specialist and ABR (Accredited Buyers Representative). She has completed her designation as CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) through the national Council of Residential Specialists.  As you can see, she is very accomplished in her field.   

Anne helps promote professional excellence in women, and everything she has done in MBN.   She believes that through our interactions and relationships with women within MBN, we have the tools to excel far beyond where we might have otherwise ever dared to go. As a past MBN President, she brought the message of how to balance our business and our personal lives, stretching out as far as we want to go, all the while having productive and happy lives.

Anne worked on the MBN Symposium committee in 2007 as Marketing Chair, and at the same time served the Synergy Board as Advertising Director. She co-chaired the symposium in 2008, while she served as MBN President-Elect.  In 2009, she was President of MBN and again co-chaired the symposium. In 2010 she served as Past President on the Synergy Board and Advisor and Secretary for the Symposium Committee. This year she has served as Historian on the Synergy Board and chaired the Speaker Committee for the Symposium.  In the past she assisted with the newsletter, and this year volunteered at the first Queen of Anything as a table speaker.  She has proved again and again over the years, her loyalty and willingness to work for MBN.  Many have found her to be a hard-working, fair, diligent and an honest board and committee member.  We are thankful to have Anne as part of our organization and are please to award her the 2011 Businesswoman of the Year!

 By Deirdre Flaherty, Awards Committee Chair