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2008 Businesswoman of the Year


Lois McElravy Headshot PhotoLois McElravy has always been an "overachiever" and loves a challenge. Little did she know the biggest challenge of her life would be to overcome the adversity of living with a brain injury.


Seventeen years ago, Lois was living a life she loved. In a split second, everything changed. Without warning, a utility truck crashed into her car, and shattered her promising future. The resulting brain injury she suffered may have destroyed Lois' life plans, but not her spirit. Learning to laugh and "hangin' on with humor" rescued her from the devastation and chaos of her life.


Today, Lois passionately paves the way for others to rebound when life looks "ugly," and guides them from hopelessness to limitless possibility. She helps people embrace their circumstances and discover the treasures in their trials. She teaches individuals, businesses, and organizations how to effectively use humor to adapt to change, manage stress, and overcome the seriousness of their life challenges.


Lois has been a member of MBN for five years and has served on the MBN Synergy Board for four of those years as the Membership Director, and Public Relations Director. She has received numerous MBN awards including the MBN Flying High Award (2004), MBN Most Personal Growth Award (2004-2005), MBN Shining Star Award (2005-2006), MBN Outstanding Initiative Award (2006-2007), and the MBN Businesswomen of the Year Award for 2008.


With her husband, Larry, Lois currently resides in Missoula where she enjoys reading and writing in beautiful Montana.