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2010 Businesswoman of the Year

Jamie McGarvey Headshot PhotoJamie McGarvey has spent her career promoting professional excellence for women. She works at the YWCA and helps women who are coming from abusive situations to get back on their feet again, both personally and in their jobs. She continued that work in her private business of life coaching with women. She has also promoted women in her roles at MBN.  She co-chaired, then chaired alone, the Empowerment Sub-Network of MBN. She has been the liaison for MBN and the YWCA to make sure that the funds donated by MBN were used to assist women in finding jobs, getting trained for jobs, and getting them professional clothing to wear for jobs and interviews.

Her current position is a case manager with the Transitional Housing Program--an 18-month program for women who are starting their lives over ... mainly due to domestic violence ... helping them reach personal and professional goals (lots of coaching).  About six months ago she started doing case management for Emergency Housing, too. She has 45 days to get homeless families off the streets.

When she first started at the YWCA she worked as the groups coordinator--managing the support groups. So her role there has changed quite a bit since she first began.

She was in Leadership Missoula. She chaired the Speaker Committee for the MBN Symposium in 2010. She was a speaker for the symposium for four years. Kim Gibbs, one of the speakers this year said, "Not only is she a great coach and a motivating speaker, but her work as the Speaker Chair for the MBN Symposium proved what a meticulous and organized woman she is."

She was the retreat facilitator for MBN in 2008. She is a positive role model for taking care of yourself by eating healthy and keeping her physical health with running and exercise. She has promoted participation in MBN by her many roles in the organization. She also promoted participation in MBN by encouraging women in the YWCA programs to participate.

She participates in activities for MBN, the YWCA, and running. She also volunteers through the schools for her children’s activities: PTA, class mom, and Cub Scouts. She participates in Missoula Aging Services walk to raise money for their programs, and helps her son with Diversity Day through the Flagship Program. She periodically helps with activities such as the sock hop and other school activities.   

Congratulations to our 2010 MBN Business Woman of the Year: Jamie McGarvey.