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2012 Businesswoman of the Year

Linda Baumann Headshot PhotoLinda Baumann of Marketplace Media and Missoula Curves is our 2012 MBN Businesswoman of the Year. Linda was nominated by seven groups of individuals, from her clients to her employees to her friends and family.  
Linda has excelled in typically male-dominated industries. She began her career in radio almost 30 years ago, when most of her co-workers were men. She applied for a sales position at a new radio station because it was close to her husband’s work, and they only had one car. She got the job and quickly became sales manager. She was a newspaper publisher for two large corporations and most of the time she was one of very few women across the country in her position.
She worked as a station manager for FOX television when they came on the air in the late 1980s and much of its success is contributed to this woman.In early 1999, she joined Continental Television as the station manager for KTMF in Missoula. Seven years later, the company had new owners, and she was responsible for ABC, WB and FOX affiliates and was traveling between the Missoula, Kalispell, Butte, and Bozeman stations. By then she was ready to do something different with her many years of experience in advertising and started her own company. The one aspect Linda enjoyed most about working in media was the ability to become involved in the community. By owning her own business, Linda was able to combine her personal connections with the media and work on special community projects for causes she is passionate about.

Linda constantly promotes professional excellence. Her passion and dedication to her businesses, clients, and charity partners is admirable. It is astonishing how she can manage everything: professionally, personally, and in her volunteer activities, and she does it all with a positive attitude. Her employees said, “Saying that we work for HER is somewhat ironic. Position wise, we both work under her, but each and every day we work together. She makes work enjoyable,educational, and challenging. She has created her business to be a welcoming atmosphere that we are proud to represent and be a part of.”
Linda has held many leadership roles throughout her career and has been a model to empower women across all walks of life. She is graduate of Leadership Missoula, has been a member of the Missoula Chamber of Commerce, Missoula Downtown Association, Rotary and Exchange Club, and of course MBN. She has been involved in Relay for Life, Mountain Home, Partnership for Children, UM’s Excellence Fund Business Drive, American Red Cross, March of Dimes, City/County Animal Control, American Cancer Society, YWCA, Rock Against Violence, PetFest,,and Jadyn Fred Foundation.

Linda has been a member of MBN since 1994 and continually encourages her clients to join MBN, offers discounts for her business to MBN members, and has volunteered for MBN as a speaker and sub-committee member. She is a great example to all women in business and has set an outstanding precedent of serving her community with integrity, genuineness, and kindness. MBN is proud to congratulate Linda Baumann and honor all of her hard work with its Businesswoman of the Year Award.
By Christine Tutty Johnson, Awards Committee Chair