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Relay for Life 2010

Relay for Life 2010 Team PhotoL. to R: Marie Middleton, Shawn Gray, Molly, Angel, Connie Slagle, Maryann Hubbard, Rachael, Robin Seavy-Roberts, Linda Faulkner, Amanda, Caden, Miranda Ming, Ella L., Deirdre Flaherty, Lily L., Lakin L.,Mike Flaherty and Frankie Flaherty.

Well ladies, we did it again! The Relay for Life this year was another huge success due to the generous men and women of Missoula County, and the MBN women were a big part of that success as well. Approximately $7,000.00 was raised by MBN, and a warm thank you goes out to our very own Shawn Gray who raised the most! What a go getter!  We had team members who stayed up all night and from what I could see, spent most of that time on the track "walking for a cure."  There were fun and games, and in the morning as the sun came up, a wonderful breakfast was served. It was amazing to watch as everyone jumped in to help with whatever needed to be done.

The year's Relay for Life Co-Chairs were Dr. Anthony Lambert of Lambert Family Chiropractic and Nikki Kelly-Real of Changes Salon. We are proud to hail these two from our MBN family. The Relay for Life is held annually on the third weekend of June at Big Sky High School in Missoula. So get out your calendar, mark it in, and be prepared to have a great time, make new friends, and be part of one of the greatest events to save lives.

A huge hug of gratitude to the MBN team for all their hard work!

~Connie Slagle, 2009 Social Director

Relay for Life 2009

Relay for Life 2009 Team PhotoThis year’s Relay for Life surpassed everyone’s expectations! The weather report predicted a rainy evening and morning, so we had an apprehensive eye toward the skies as we set up our team tents. Everyone brought plenty of warm clothing and "provisions" to help us get through the night. But it didn’t rain a drop, until just after the Closing Ceremony of the Relay, so we lucked out! Thanks to Shawn Gray and Jan Johnson for bringing their tents for all of us to take a cat-nap here and there!

Shonna Rhein-Gariepy of Indulge Bakery generously provided treats from her bakery, and they weren’t just ANY treats; we received two dozen beautiful cupcakes: a dozen tiramisu and a dozen red velvet, each decorated with a pink frosting breast cancer ribbon! Thank you for your thoughtfulness, Shonna!
Around 2:30 a.m. many of us had hit the Relay "Wall,’ resting or taking a quick snooze, but between Jessie Roberson, Robin Seavy-Roberts, her daughter Amanda, and her intrepid grandson Caden (in his stroller, for his second relay!), we had team members on the track at all times!

The Luminary Ceremony was spectacular, as usual; over 2,000 luminaries glowed, lining the track; all the stadium lights were turned off as each name was read in honor and memory of those affected by cancer.  Many of these burned until they were extinguished at eight the next morning.

Our team alone raised $2,377 this year, which was well beyond our goal of $1,800, woo hoo! Close to $800 of this was donated at the MBN General Meetings! Again, a huge thank you to all MBN members for making this Relay for Life our best yet! The Missoula County Relay for Life raised over $151,000 this year, which was well beyond what was raised last year, and amazing in the midst of challenging economic times!

Many thanks to our great Relay for Life team:
  • Deirdre Flaherty
  • Shawn Gray
  • Maryann Hubbard
  • Anne Jablonski
  • Jan Johnson
  • Linda Kaveshan
  • Jennifer Regel
  • Denise Rivera
  • Jessica Roberson
  • Robin Seavy-Roberts
  • Kelly Youbles
Thanks to all the other MBN members and family and friends who were involved in the Relay for Life or came to walk and support that evening:

Kinzie Kinzel, Stephanie Lambert, Kelly Hutson, Ginny Therriault, Nikki Kelly-Real, Julie Kieckbush Jones, Robin's Seavy-Roberts’ daughter Amanda and baby grandson Caden (on the track for almost the whole time, in his stroller!), Kelley Durbin, Lani Radke, Tony Jablonski, Anthony Lambert, Shannone Hart, Colleen Rudio, Beth Price and daughter Hadley, Frankie Flaherty, Bridget Flaherty, Mike Flaherty, Shonna Rhein-Gariepy, and Randy Johnson.

Relay for Life 2008

2008 Relay for Life Team PhotoThe Relay for Life couldn’t have been scheduled for a better weekend! The afternoon was warm and sunny as we set up the MBN tents and prepared for the opening ceremony. The evening was beautiful, with an incredible sunset, and later, the full moon overhanging the stadium as we walked around the track! It didn’t really cool off until close to 2:30 a.m.

Linda Kaveshan graciously donated her six-person tent for sleeping/resting through the night, as well as a collapsible chair AND a kiddie pool complete with blocks of ice (for sore, tired feet—she’s a veteran)!  So our site looked inviting, at the edge of the track.

Around 2:00 a.m. we broke out the light bracelets so we would "glow in the dark," and we strung them together to decorate our little tent.

I believe Deirdre and Jessie Roberson logged the greatest number of miles, with about18 each!

Our team alone raised $2819 this year!  We raised almost double our original goal of $1500, woo-hoo!  Close to $1000 of this was donated at the MBN General Meetings!  The Missoula County Relay for Life raised well over $142,000 (they still had lots coming in) this year!

Thanks to our Relay team members:
  • Jenessa Cavanaugh
  • Brenda Dahl
  • Linda Faulkner
  • Deirdre Flaherty
  • Frankie Flaherty
  • Shawn Gray
  • Maryann Hubbard
  • Anne Jablonski
  • Linda Kaveshan
  • Judy Lohman
  • Justine Morris
  • Rene Mosback
  • Ariane Osorio
  • Amita Patel
  • Sarah Raymond
  • Denise Rivera
  • Jessica Roberson
  • Robin Seavy-Roberts
Thanks to other MBN members and family and friends who were involved in the Relay or came to walk and support that evening:
Nancy Serba, Kinzie Kinzel, Kim Gibbs, Sundee Carr, Stephanie Lambert, Sue Fox, Sally Cannata, Kelly Hutson, Lois McElravy, Marge Hulburt, Ginny Therriault, Robin's Seavy Roberts’ daughter and baby grandson (who was there the entire time, in his stroller!), Anne Jablonski’s handsome son, Anthony Lambert, Allison Fuller, Don Kaveshan, Steven Faulkner, Mike Flaherty (who also provided comic relief), Jim  Decker, and John Hubbard.

Relay for Life 2007

Relay for Life 2007 Team PhotoThis years Relay for Life was very successful. We had a packed team and raised over $2000.  I would like to thank the people who came out to walk and raise money.  First I would like to thank the team members: Sundee Carr, Connor Carr, Linda Faulkner, Deirdre Flaherty, Frankie Flaherty, Shawn Gray, Marcus Gray, Anne Jablonski, Justine Morris, Robin Seavy-Roberts (was Nelson), Sarah Raymond, Jessica Roberson, Ellie Siegrist, Nancy Serba, and Maryann Hubbard. Special thanks to Shawn Gray who raised $500. She raised the most last year too!
Second, I would like to thank people who came out to support the team by walking: Sally Cannata, Stephen Faulkner, Mike Flaherty, Jerimy Crepeau, Sue Fox, Kathy Headlee, Lois McElravy, Sherry Munther, Beth Price, Kinzie Raser-Kinzel (on another team), Linda Kavishan (on another team), Pat Borchardt, Ariane Orsorio, Jim Decker, and Dennis Roberts.
And last a BIG thanks to Beth Diettert from Quiznos, who brought enough subs and chips to feed an army.