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Flying High Award
At our At the January 2016 General Meeting: For years, the Missoula Businesswomen's Network has been awarding the Flying High Award to an MBN member who has gone above and beyond to help MBN and its members succeed.  I would like to thank those that submitted nominations for today's Flying High Award. It is a lot of fun to review all of the nominations and learn how our members are helping MBN be stronger and helping fellow members grow professionally and personally.

Today's flying high award recipient has been with the Missoula Businesswomen's Network for the past five years and has been actively involved. For several years, she served on the membership committee: making phone calls to our current members, helping members check in at the general meetings, and reaching out to new members to make sure that they felt welcomed.  She also helped with the social media committee and was a great source of information. During the past two years, she has been working diligently behind the scenes to help improve our website, update and record procedures, and strengthen the flow of communication to our members.  It is a lot of time-consuming work but very much needed, and we are extremely grateful that she has taken on these projects.  Our Flying High Award recipient is Casey Dawes. Thank you Casey for sharing your wealth of information with us and helping us to improve. In the years that we have worked together, you have always kept your focus on making MBN better.

And now a few things that you may not know about Casey. In her previous “lives” she’s been a medical records secretary, stagehand, college professor, junior high teacher on a reservation, Montessori teacher in Brooklyn, a business and life coach, and a database guru for several fortune 500 companies. Casey was elected as the first female president of the International DB2 Users Group! (She might be a little techy.) She has lived in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, New York City, Pennsylvania, and California with these varied careers.

Casey is a lover of a good wine, wildlife, writing and quilting. She is a friend, wife and mother to four step-children and two of her own. Most of us know her as the author of romance novels. Casey, to us you are a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing your passions and talents with us!!

~Nominated by Michelle Allen, past president of MBN.
Casey's Remarks:
I love MBN.

When my husband and I were deciding if Montana was the right place to go after our exile in California, we came up to look around and I went to the MBN Symposium. Even before the event, a property manager from MBN spent hours showing us rentals.
I was impressed by the event—the speakers were wonderful, the meal edible (I’ve eaten a lot of rubber chicken over the years), and the women I met were very friendly. In fact, that’s a hallmark of MBN. If you ask people what they get most from MBN, they say “friendship.”

Now that can be a little frustrating for a businesswoman to hear, but friendship has many forms.
One of the women I met at that Symposium was Kayla Johnson, who I hired as my personal trainer soon after I got here. Unfortunately, I am very resistant to change, but she tried her best!
Jennifer Shyrock gave me two solid leads for work, one with Energetics. That was special because I got to spend at least an hour a month in a small room with four of the hottest men in Missoula. (Sorry, honey. My husband, Ken, is over there. He is amazingly supportive of all I do.)
Laurie Dassenville gave me a smile and a hug every time she saw me. You may recognize her in my book, Sweet Montana Christmas.
Judy Gilman, bless her heart, supports everything I do—from a Mastermind Group to being an enthusiastic reviewer of my books.
Judy Wright also extended the hand of friendship and advice, as did Tracy Worley.
Jennifer Rivera chose my book as the very first for her book club.
More recently, Christine Johnson also gave me a referral that has turned out to be very exciting!
Michelle. What can I say about the hours and hours of discussion we’ve had. She made going to the bank a joy. Happy Birthday, Michelle. I still owe you a glass of wine. (She’s in Sweet Montana Christmas, too.)
There are many more who have gifted me with their support, smiles, and strength. When I got to Missoula, I had just lost everything I’d built all my life, including my house. I was beaten down. MBN women lifted me up and gave me a new place to call home. You will always be special to me.
And I love it.