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2016 President-Elect Nominee

(to serve as President 2017-2018)

Dear Missoula Business Women’s Network: 

Tracy Worley I am writing you to announce my bid for MBN President Elect, the “why” behind it, and a little about me and my passion for MBN. 

In 2011, I married a Montana boy and transitioned to move to Missoula from Sandpoint, Idaho. During this time Tim (my husband) urged me to connect with MBN as he knew a lot of you from various groups and community. To be honest, my first thought was that a room full of women is not my idea of fun. To my ultimate surprise, the welcome to MBN was beyond gracious, warm, and encouraging. Never pre-judge an opportunity!

I jumped in with both feet knowing MBN is a strong community of women who believe in the message, Women Helping Women. The past five years MBN has helped me to grow in my business and community in ways I would not have dreamed of and I am grateful beyond words. This past year serving in new capacities on the Synergy and Symposium board gave me new perspective of MBN. With perspective comes energy to embrace this year’s theme of Together We Can and a desire to serve MBN in a new role.

In life there is a time to observe, participate, and engage in community. The decision to serve in this role has not come without great consideration. I believe this is my time to engage in a larger capacity of service to MBN. With this comes the decision to step up and ask for your support in helping MBN continue with a 30-year tradition of Women Helping Women. 

Look UP and OUT,
Tracy Worley

Bio | Tracy Worley 

Tracy Worley brings clarity for you and your organization to plan, prepare, and champion your 
professional goals. From life’s drama and comedy she combines courageous humility with humor as she shares her stories of rising from adversity time and time again.

Tracy is a values-based leadership expert and blends her experiences with a goal of finding potential in everyone.  She shares her compelling wisdom about potential in business and life. She embodies courage, warmth, and wisdom and has identified a three step process toward for success. Since everyone has the capacity to lead, the three step process creates engagement for teams, clients, and individuals.  Tracy can put you back on the trail of success. 

Combining her hard-won insights of more than 25 years of corporate and entrepreneurial success, Tracy offers real-world wisdom.  She will strategize and clarify where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there. Her expertise is training highly successful people to lead with authenticity.

Tracy has shared her stories on ABC, NBC, FOX, MTPR and more. She is also an award winning speaker and author.

Tracy lives in Missoula with her husband Tim, sharing a love of books and the outdoors. Tracy’s administrative staff (Jill and Kimber, two Border Collies) share in their adventures.