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General Membership Meetings 

Our luncheon meeting is held 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. 
the 2nd Wednesday of each month at
DoubleTree, 100 Madison St., Missoula

Lunch cost has been reduced to $12 for full lunch
and $6 for dessert only thanks to our Sponsors. 

2016-2017 Lunch receipts


June 14, 2017

May 10, 2017


April 5, 2017

Many Thanks to our Sponsor 

: Community Wealth and Building Your Business with Alternative Currencies.
Speaker: Beth Jaffe 

Summary:  Ever wondered about the true Wealth of our Community and how to leverage it in taking your business to the next level? We are continuing our building blocks for business series and we hope you'll join us as we take a look at defining wealth, success, community, and leveraging our hidden excess capacities into blooming abundance.

Description: First, we’re going to take some time to examine our personal definitions of success, wealth, and abundance. Next, we’re going to think about our needs, goals, and where we are falling short on meeting these needs and goals. Then, we’ll take a look at our excess capacities like un-used product, empty appointments on our calendars, and extra seats in our classes.

Alternative currencies are basically ways of exchanging goods and services that may or may not involve cash. Beth will share some knowledge gained from twenty-one years in a business to business barter exchange and how that has helped her business grow, expanded her definition of success, and enabled her to turn excess capacity into wealth. She’ll review different kinds of trade and trade exchanges and she’ll talk about the value of integrity on a community level and how that impacts all of us specifically in regards to financial stability and success.

We’ll take the findings from this process and talking about it with the people at our table during our networking time. We’ll also brain storm ways to support each other in building our businesses and developing ourselves. 

Speaker Bio
: Beth Jaffe has been building community and businesses in Missoula since 1995. She is part of owner Cedar Mountain Software, We Trade Network, and COOL Bus Studios. She is also a dedicated member of the Missoula Chamber of Commerce Workforce Development Committee. She loves hearing stories from entrepreneurs, watching great sunsets with her kids, and dreaming up her own success stories.


Taking Nominations for Businesswoman of the Year - Nominate Now!

March 8, 2017

Election of President-Elect

Topic: What is Your Business Challenge Think Tank

Topic Outline: What’s your challenge?

Have you ever hesitated asking others for help? We all have had a time when we didn’t ask for help. We will be exploring and practicing asking our fellow members for help on the business issues that keep you up at night searching for answers.

Bring some topics or issues you may want help finding answers or solutions to. We will utilize a round table discussion with fellow members to help you find resources or answers.

Spring Social information

Save the Date: Spring Fling April 29, 2017

Call for Business Woman of the Year Nominations

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Kristina Booher with Will Johnson and Associates (Farm Bureau)
Kristina Booher with Will Johnson and Associates

February 8, 2017

January 11, 2017

Meeting Notes - Creating Your New Normal


Julie Richter
of Compass Insurance Group

Julie Richter of Compass Insurance Group

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"Creating Your New Normal" How to Start your New Year with a New Normal.

How to be purposeful about your daily habits to create a new normal. It becomes necessary to be focused on success habits to achieve your dreams. If we focus on growing not achieving, success will follow.

With that comes the "Seven Keys to your New Normal.
Key 1--Plan your Work and Work your Plan.
Key 2--Understand what YOU Control.
Key 3--Manage your Activity, NOT your results.
Key 4--If you Think you Can, OR think you Can't, You're right!
Key 5--The answer to my problem is the next OBSTACLE.
Key 6--We first Make our habits, and then our Habits make us!
Key 7-- The more you Work on YOU, the greater your success.

Remember, It will take sacrifice, commitment, focus and faith to develop new habits. It will stretch you, test you, grow you and mold you into a person of character and purpose. This is not about "trying", it is either you WILL or you WILL NOT- there is no in-between.

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MBN Women’s Symposium
January 28th, 2017



December 14, 2016

Interactive Roundtable Discussions.
Facilitated by Rachel Clark.

Sponsored by: 
Lambert Family Chiropractic

Engaging elevator pitch? Yes, please!

What we have learned from this year’s election cycle? No one finds a message helpful and empowering when it lacks caring, confidence or solutions. Avoid campaigning at your clients and learn how to engage with them by joining us for December’s General Meeting. We will work together to fine tune your elevator pitch into an appealing, time-worthy endeavor for you and your clients. Regardless if you’re self-employed or work in an organization, a thoughtful elevator pitch can result in a positive partnership. Remember, our combined talents have no limits!


Ornament Exchange.

If you are interested in participating, please bring an ornament to exchange with others after the meeting.


<< Now Accepting Nominations for President-Elect >>


Presidents Message:

We are about to put a close to 2016 and as I look back over the past year it has been an amazing opportunity for growth. This organization has allowed me to grow in so many ways over the last year, most of all, stepping out of my comfort zone. I hope many of you will reflect on the many opportunities you had to grow professional and personally this year and set new goals on how your can step our of your comfort zone in 2017.


This month we are developing on what we started last month, breaking down who our client really is, by taking that information and fine-tunning our personal 60 second presentation. I hope you take advantage of this opportunity, these round table discussions can be very powerful tools to help us look outside the box and see new ideas and opportunities.


As we shop for our holiday gifts I want to challenge our membership to utilize our fellow MBN members as well as other local businesses as they purchase this year. We can help boost our own economy and local businesses by keeping our dollars local.


Finally, I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 


Save the Date: MBN Women’s Symposium Early Bird Registration Opens December 1st.
Purchase your tickets before the 31st to save $5.00


November 9, 2016

Interactive Roundtable Discussions
Facilitated by Rachele Clark


Who is your client? What problem are you solving and how are you adding value for your clients?
As we have discussed in our last two general membership meetings, relationships are the key to business success. Please join us in an interactive event to discover your clients, new business skills, new knowledge, and your authentic-self as you’ve never done before. With our combined talents, have no limits!

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October 12, 2016

Natalie Mauer

The Value of Authenticity


Have you ever wanted to add something to a conversation, yet hesitated? Have you wanted to step in and take action, only to stop and walk away? Have you declined opportunities that sound fun, but don’t quite fit with the person you think the world wants to see? Balancing our true self with what the world reflects back to us is hard. Join Natalie Mauer to begin learning about how authentic living can add tremendous joy and deepen every connection in life.

Natalie Mauer

More About Natalie Mauer

Entrepreneur, Writer, Public Speaker & Educator

Organization: Natalie Mauer - There’s Still Time


Natalie Mauer was succeeding in one of America’s great companies, with a 6 figure income, a platinum status with Delta Airlines, and a book of high profile clients valued at over 10 billion dollars and representing over 1 million employees. In 2013, Natalie walked away from all of this to step into a life that is even better.
Her life now includes engaged time with her family, as well as intentional time writing, speaking, coaching, running a natural solutions business, and practicing gratitude.

K Design Marketing

September 14, 2016

Kristi Govertsen

Into the Lions’ Den: The Great MLM Experiment of 2016
The Good, the Bad, and the…Magical???


Once upon a time Kristi Govertsen wrote an article for the Missoula Business Women’s Network Newsletter about setting specific, quantifiable goals for supporting other people’s businesses as customers and referral partners.


And it was published in January of 2016.


When Kristi saw her own words in print, she thought to herself, “Well, now I better step up to the plate, and DO what I just wrote.”


So she set a goal of picking ten friends, all with Multi-Level-Marketing businesses, and challenged herself to go to every party, listen to every pitch, and dig into the company structures, cultures, and compensation plans to learn as much as she could about the what, the why, and how of each of these businesses.


This challenge took four months to complete, and let’s just say Kristi learned more about marketing, personal and professional relationships, and her own boundaries of personal growth than she ever dreamed possible.


Come to the September MBN meeting to hear all about this fascinating roller-coaster ride, and how you can use the results (both the good and bad) of Kristi’s experiment in your own life and business, no matter what kind of business you run.

Kristi Govertsen

Bio: Kristi Govertsen, a professional speaker, business coach, and avid learner and experimenter is passionate about helping people strengthen their businesses through expanding their visibility, deepening their personal and professional relationships, and cultivating creativity in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

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