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President's Message

I am honored to be this year’s president of the Missoula Businesswomen’s Network. It is amazing to see how this organization has grown over the years from when it started with eight women who had a passion to help each other grow professionally. This passion is alive and strong 31 years later. The mission of the MBN is to provide our members with opportunities for professional and personal growth. I strongly believe that as we grow personally, we grow professionally. This organization is a strong supporter of its members by encouraging them to share ideas and experiences through our various educational, networking, and social events.

Our monthly membership meetings will be a combination of educational speakers as well as interactive roundtable discussions. The sub-networks will give opportunities for a little more in-depth topics on business skills, connections, empowerment, and health and fitness, and our socials give us a relaxed atmosphere to network with each other. These groups are a great opportunity to meet new members as well as learn about other member’s businesses and services. I encourage you to help out and volunteer; it is one of the best opportunities for us to grow personally. Take advantage of these many opportunities to hone your skills personally. and you will be amazed how you will grow professionally. 

MBN fosters supporting each other. The member directory, which is available in book format as well as digitally online, is a great tools to use when looking for assistance from other businesses. Please look through the directory to see all the members and services offered and utilize fellow MBN members when possible. Our on-line directory, found at, has more detailed information about our members and their business. As this is a great tool, I encourage our members to review their own listings to make sure all their information is up-to-date and current. 

Thank you all for being a part of the Missoula Businesswomen’s Network. This is an organization of volunteers, and I also want to thank all the Synergy Board and Symposium Committee members, and all the other volunteers who have helped throughout the year on various events. These volunteers have given countless hours of dedication and passion to see this organization grow and help others. Our Combined Talents have no limits when we, as a whole, work together, and I am excited to see what we accomplish this year as an organization.

I hope everyone has a wonderful year.

Kimberly Kinsinger

MBN President 2016-2017