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2017 Businesswoman of the Year

Rhonda Brady Smith

Congratulations to Rhonda Brady Smith, 2017 MBN Businesswoman of the Year!

I was honored to nominate this year’s winner of Businesswoman of the Year for her advocacy of encouraging those around her. She has an incredible spirit and is a joy to be around with her positive outlook on life.

A fierce supporter of MBN, she has given countless hours of time and dedication in various capacities over the past 12 years.

At one time owning a successful photo business for many years, she experienced what many of us will never have to face, an industry that died due to technology. With the invention of the digital camera and smart devises, photo film development became a thing of the past. It is never easy to close a business after years of putting your heart and dreams into it, but that is a decision she had to face. She did not let this destroy her or stop her. She not only picked herself up, but started over in a totally new industry, insurance.

The glory of success and hardship of everyday small business struggles are well known to her. With this personal knowledge, she has shared with others and encouraged those around her to push on and strive for their goals. She amplifies MBN’s motto "Women Supporting Women."

I was inspired to nominate this fellow MBN Member because of her drive as a businesswoman and business owner, her positive outlook in all circumstances life throws her way, but most of all for her unselfish gift of her positive influence to those she meets. You may not see her out in front, but if you look behind the scenes, she is there giving her support to the organizations she is passionate about.

Over the years as a business owner, she had helped new artists display their art in her photo business to help them gain exposure and supported the Five Valley’s Land Trust and Watson’s Children’s Shelter as well as many other organizations. Currently she volunteers at HomeWord as an Educator for Financial Fitness, helping individuals get their finances in order. As a business owner, she did not always have the time to give as a volunteer, but used her business to help organizations and individuals with products or services her business could provide to help them further their cause. She has provided scholarships for individuals to attend MBN events as well as given small items she has seen and purchased in her travels that reminder her of fellow businesswomen for their encouragement. These unselfish gestures have impacted those who have received them in immeasurable ways.

Growing up in Kansas, she shared her childhood with her twin brother. At the age of 19 she was married and expecting her first child. Her first husband was in the air force so traveling and moving was a part of their lives. She did not have the ability to gain an official degree from a university, but she gained a masters degree in the education of life. She has not had an easy life that had doors open easily for her, but she did not let that stop her. If a door was closed, she found a window that was cracked open and moved forward to her dreams.

Please help me honor and bring up this year’s Businesswoman of the Year, Rhonda Brady-Smith.
~Kimberly Kinsinger