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2018 President-Elect Nominees 
to serve as President 2019-2020


  • If you are unable to attend the General Meeting, Absentee Ballots are available on-line with the link below.

  • For a ballot to be included your name is required to ensure that we can verify that you are an active MBN member and to ensure we have only one vote per member. 

  • If you are unable to attend the General Meeting on March 14, 2018 and do not wish to use this on-line ballot, please contact either of the MBN Membership Directors, Erin Steele or Dawn McCloney, who will seek to accommodate you.

  • We strive to provide accessibility for our members while ensuring that verification and authenticity are upheld.

  • Only members in good standing (paid-up memberships) can vote. 

  • Online voting is closed - we hope to see you at the meeting!

Linda Baumann


Linda  Baumann

Greetings Fellow MBN Members!


I am so honored and very excited to be given this opportunity to serve as your President-Elect. Halfway through my MBN membership years I was honored by my peers with the Businesswoman of the Year award. Now, another 6 years later, this opportunity comes along to make a difference for all of us. Thank you!


It’s exciting that women are now a dominant force in the business world, especially industries that were once not considered for women. If elected, I will strive to use over 30 years of experience in business management and ownership experience to focus on growth and financial health for MBN. I’ve grown many multi-million dollar enterprises for large corporations, balanced budgets, grown customer base, planned strategically for success and organized the best teams to get the job done. And I will bring the same principle to MBN if elected.


Many of you may know that I have faced new challenges after the sudden death of my husband four years ago. After 35 years of marriage, I have had to choose a new future and I learned many new skills, both emotionally and physically, that I never thought was possible. Through this experience I have learned that anything is possible! I would like to share the strength I have gained with MBN through leading by example, knowing that bravery and perseverance can achieve great things. My experience has given me a unique perspective on life and humans, who are all facing challenges. MBN should always be a place of safety, security, support and sharing, exactly as it has been for me.


Let’s be brave together and take MBN to the next level. There’s so much to learn from our current and past leaders as well as the general membership. I intend to delve into the past, finding the positives that contributed to our success, as well as move forward into the future, finding new members and potential leaders to pave the successful road far into the future.


Thank you again for this amazing opportunity.  It is truly appreciated!


Linda Baumann


Kristi Govertsen 

Dear Members of the Missoula Businesswomen’s Network,

MBN is at a crossroads. 

I can sense it, and I know you can sense it too. 


Our incredible organization, which has done so much for the Missoula community over the years is growing up and busting at the seams to become a bigger and even brighter version of itself. For more than a decade I traveled the US and Canada, helping membership organizations take a closer look at how to tap into their own unique potential so they can grow and thrive. Do you know what I have I seen? I’ve seen that every organization experiences ups and downs, but it’s those ups and downs that offer an invaluable opportunity to glimpse at what’s really at the heart of an organization. When I look at MBN and how far we’ve come, through the ups and through the downs, all I see is brilliance of our members, the talent, the genius, and the resilience that lives at the heart of each of us. I believe we have everything we need to keep doing, stop doing, and start doing what is needed to become a support system of unparalleled professional development as we continue to establish ourselves as a steadfast resource and partner to the Missoula Community at large. 


Do you know what is awesome about this race for the 2019-2020 presidency? We can’t lose. My opponent, Linda, is a part of that talent and brilliance mentioned above, and whatever she brings to the role will be something amazing. Whatever I bring to the role will be something else entirely, that I too hope will be amazing. YOU are also amazing, with your talent, brilliance, and YOUR vision for MBN. Knowing that your vote is an extension of your vision, I truly appreciate your consideration of my candidacy for MBN president, not to mention your vote on March 14th


Whatever (amazing) direction is chosen over the next month, I am honored to be have been a part of this year’s race, and cannot wait to see what then next few years bring to MBN! 


Warmest regards, 

Kristi Govertsen 


Kristi Govertsen, CEO and founder of The Govertsen Group, is a marketing and networking nerd who is passionate about people building high-impact, joyful businesses. As an international speaker, author, and consultant she fundamentally believes the key to all success is a combination of creative communication, audacious action, and authentic connection. She keeps herself busy in Missoula by being a nerdy Rotarian, teaching and guest-lecturing at the University of Montana’s College of Business, co-leading the UM’s Pursue Your Passion program, volunteering for the Blackstone LaunchPad, and sitting on the Last Best Conference leadership team. NOTE: Fancy-schmancy, professional-sounding bio aside, she can usually be found making new friends, singing karaoke, and gabbing about pop-culture and sock monkeys. (Not necessarily in that order).




Voting will take place at the March General Meeting.
Online voting is closed - we hope to see you at the meeting!