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Meet the 2009 - 2010 Synergy Board


Who they are, What They Do, how long they’ve been a member and something about them you don’t know!

Executive Board

Deirdre Flaherty, MBA 


Flaherty Financial Services Inc.







7 years



I have been a financial advisor for 7 years


and I am passionate about educating and helping people invest for the future through retirement accounts, college savings, and regular savings.




A rule I like to break is the speed limit on the interstate, I think every state should let me go 85 mph.





Anne Jablonski  

Realtor- Windermere Real Estate

Immediate past president of MBN

MBN Member for 5 years

Anne brings Families Home & Businesses to spaces where they can Excel.

If you ask me what my FAVORITE color is I will say RAINBOW - I like too many to be pinned down to one.

Christine Johnson 

Eureka Pellet Mills & Johnson and Davis


4 yearsHelping save the environment, as business development director for a biomass manufacturing company, I am responsible for grant writing, marketing, graphic design, and PR.


In Montana, it is illegal for married women to go fishing alone on Sundays, and illegal for unmarried women to fish alone at all. (and this is my favorite ‘law’ to break!) 


Michelle Allen is the Treasurer and a Real Estate Loan Officer with Mountain West Bank for purchases or refinances on homes or investment properties. She joined MBN in 2006 and is inspired by the positive energy and eagerness to help other members that women in MBN exhibit.


Beverly Aguirre 

Bev The Geek


Bev The Geek is a full-service company offering affordable and professional on-site and remote technical support services, training, software/hardware support, web design and e-commerce development in a safe environment where Customers are valued and can be assured they will receive exceptional service.


If someone says it can't be done, my mind kicks into full gear to figure how how it CAN be done, which translates into my favorite rule not to follow being some (not all:) techs' catch-all phrase "it has to be reformatted" because I am tenacious about troubleshooting and hunting down every possible culprit and then fixing the problem to get the computer back home safe and sound to its owner!


Micki Fredrickson 

Campbell and Associates, PC




Director of Finance



2 years

Tax planning & preparation for businesses and individuals; accounting & business planning



Bunko if just for fun; 500 for serious WI play





Heather Phillips 


Go Two Gals




Advertising Director



1 year



Go Two Gals is a full service design and marketing firm


dedicated to providing results oriented campaigns for all types of businesses.




Eat dessert first





Connie Slagle  


Destination Organization

Social/Special Events Director

I love my work that relieves people from the burden of clutter and disorganization and maintain a clear path for their life's journey. 

I love solitaire on the computer because if your stats are really bad you can delete them and start fresh !

Jodi Bowser 

 Pyramid Printing

Print Media Adviser and Newsletter Editor

MBN member for about 17 years

Traditional Offset Printing and Digital Copying, offering quick turnaround and excellent quality on printing needs ranging from business cards, stationery, brochures, envelopes, programs, invoices, statements, wedding programs, raffle tickets, checks, and much more.

Sequence - its cards, chips and dice....all in one game!


Shannon Earley is the Directory Editor.

Kathy Schulte 

Farmers State Bank







8 years

Commercial Business Banking and Financial Services





Lois McElravy

 Lessons from Lois




Public Relations Director




6 years

Lois is a professional speaker/trainer and has received numerous awards from MBN, including the MBN 2008 Women of the Year.



NEW RULE: Don’t despair when life doesn’t go as planned, change the rules and "dare to feel happy in the midst of trying times."




Frankie Flaherty 

 Flaherty Financial Services, Inc.
Membership Director

I  feel that the most important thing I do in my business is educating people so they understand


their investments and insurance and can make knowledgeable decisions.

My favorite game or favorite rule NOT to follow: I love word games like scrabble or boggle. The rule I don’t like to follow is any time limitations rule. I like to take my time to look at all


possibilities and find the best strategy for the greatest result.




Deborah Derrick Gass 

 Missoula Job ServiceWebsite Technology Director




8 years

I provide employment law and human resource consulting to local businesses.



My favorite game is Cranium, and my favorite rule to break is "never squirt whipped cream in a can straight into your mouth."






Sub Network Leaders

Kinzie Kinzel 
Life and Health Insurance


Co-Chair of Connections Sub-network

4 years

I provide personalized health insurance plans for families and individuals.




I love to play Monopoly, it gives me a feeling of POWER!





Jan Johnson 


Avon Independent Sales Representative, Unit LeaderCo-chair of the MBN Connections Sub-network




2 years Avon has skin care, jewelry, clothing, gift items, and so much more for the entire family.


My favorite game is Taboo - you must describe a word without using the most common words to describe it - it’s a hoot!





Kaylene Nelson 

Gap West Broadcasting




Co Chair of the Business Skills Group Sub-network



3 years

I help businesses market to their Target Audience with TOP OF MIND AWARENESS AND BRANDING through local radio and internet advertising.



My favorite game is match making and my favorite rule to break… well that would be speeding. Or so my driving record would say!





Meredith McAffee 


Title Services, Inc.


Co-chair Business Skills Sub-network

2 years

We provide title insurance and perform real estate closings in a personal and accommodating


manner, giving our customers accurate, efficient and confident service throughout every transaction.




To loosely quote Bruce Jenner: You have to gamble, cheat, lie and steal to succeed. Gamble on yourself and take risks; cheat those who would have you be less than you are; lie in the arms of those you love; and steal every moment of happiness you can.




Sydney Carlino 


DA DavidsonCo-Chair of Empowerment Sub-network3 yearsI strive to educate and involve my clients in the financial planning process.Golf is my favorite game because it keeps me humble (and I’ve carefully avoided learning the golf rules!) 


Sally Cannata 


Home Team Appraisal






Co-Chair Empowerment Sub-network




7 years

Home Team Appraisal provides prompt, accurate, professional residential real estate valuations for lending, estate, divorce, and marketing purposes.




My favorite game right now is making animal noises with my 2 year old.








Edward Jones Investments






Chair of Health & Fitness




5 years




I help people define and then reach their financial


goals through a high level of personal service and quality long term investment vehicles such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds and annuities.





I don’t like games very much... and my favorite rule to break is eating/drinking carbs. Oh, I may need to start following that rule with my new position!


DeDe Adams 


Montana Basket Bistro





Chair Bitterroot Connection Sub-network




1 year

Montana Basket Bistro helps you brighten someone’s day with gourmet baskets made in Montana.




My favorite rule not to follow is the 60 second infomercial: change it up & make it different every time!




Jane Foster


Edward Jones Investments


Chair Bitterroot Empowerment


Barb Lucas


Chair Bitterroot Empowerment